Domestic Violence Dismissed

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Our client was charged with two allegations, Assault 4 Domestic Violence and Malicious Mischief Domestic Violence in Snohomish County District Court. The plea offer was for 35 days in jail. This case was dismissed at trial confirmation based on hard work, research and trial preparation.
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Domestic Violence Allegations – Serious Accusations Require Serious Defense

At our office, we have always focused on representing individuals, whether they are accused of criminal allegations or have in some way been wronged. Having never been in a prosecutor role, we do not have any biases or allegiances that could compromise your case. We are always about protecting you, the individual. This dedication motivates us to fight hard in every case for the best result possible; we will not simply ‘cut a deal’ with our prosecutor buddies to resolve cases quickly.

Our office has extensive experience representing domestic violence accusations. We take the time to get your side of the story, investigate the other sides of the story, and to understand your concerns and your background. While many allegations follow similar patterns, each case is unique and must be treated accordingly. While we have an impressive record of success taking cases involving domestic violence allegations to trial, we know that in many instances the stress and combative nature of trial is not conducive to families and relationships, so we work hard to achieve great results pre-trial.

Domestic Violence is understandably an area of concern. However, police, prosecutors and courts are worried that habitual offenders, or persons of particular worry, will slip through the cracks. Accordingly, even minor incidents, misunderstandings or false reports are treated as serious in a “one size fits all” approach. Prosecutors are often unwilling to drop charges even after an alleged victim recants or decides they do not want to pursue the case. Instead of evaluating the unique aspects of each case, courts and prosecutors often take a “cookie cutter” approach that harms families, relationships, careers and freedoms. In many instances, this harms the families that the government is supposedly trying to help.

Domestic violence cases often involve false accusations, misunderstandings, or minor incidents being blown out of proportion. Sometimes they are not. Regardless, a domestic violence charge can dramatically impact your life. Even false allegations can lead to serious penalties, including protection orders that can force you out of your home and keep you from your loved ones (including children).

We know how serious these accusations are taken by the government, and how serious the impact can be on your life, family, career, and constitutional rights.

Our office fights hard from the very beginning to restore families, save careers and reputations, and protect our clients’ freedoms. If you, or someone you care about, is facing a domestic violence accusation, it is never too early to begin building a strong, effective strategy to defend against the governmental forces.
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Additional Recent Results

Assault 4 Domestic Violence – Dismissed – Lynnwood, Washington. Early representation helped prevent a no-contact order from ever being imposed.

No Contact Order Violation – Dismissed – Marysville, Washington. Plea offer was 180 days.

Assault 4 Domestic Violence – Dismissed – Lake Stevens, Washington.

No Contact Order Violation – Dismissed – Snohomish County, Washington

Assault 4 Domestic Violence and No Contact Order Violation – Dismissed – Everett, Washington. Plea offer of 270 days. After months of pretrial motions, case dismissed.