Manufacture of a Controlled Substance

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General Considerations
A Manufacture of a Controlled Substance allegation can be charged as a Class B or Class C Felony, based on the substance allegedly manufactured. Controlled substances are split into five different “Schedules” or classifications, and within each class of Felony are different possible punishment ranges. If the Manufacture of a Controlled Substance results in the death of a person who used such substance(s), more serious charges apply.

In general, a first conviction requires a fine of $1000. For repeat convictions, the mandatory fine is $2000.

Special sentencing enhancements are often alleged by prosecutors as part of these charges. Common enhancements include firearms, protected zones (like school zones) or crimes allegedly committed in the presence of a child. School Zone enhancements add 24 months to the end of any sentence imposed, resulting in mandatory prison sentences.

Class B Felony – Manufacture of a Controlled Substance VUCSA charges
For Substances in Schedule 1 or Schedule 2, such as psilocybin or morphine, a Manufacture conviction carries a maximum of ten years in prison and a maximum penalty of $25,000. If the amount of substance involved is over two kilograms, the maximum fine is $100,000.

Manufacture charges involving amphetamines, methamphetamines, or salts, isomers, or salts of isomers thereof, are punished similarly. However, $3,000 of the fine is mandatory upon conviction. That money is to be used specifically to clean up laboratories or sites involving manufacture of methamphetamines.

Mandatory sentences can be pretty severe. A first-time offender convicted of a methamphetamine Manufacture charge faces a prison sentence of 12-20 months.

Class C Felony – Manufacture of a Controlled Substance VUCSA charges
In general, any other Manufacture of a Controlled Substance charge is punishable as a Class C Felony.

A person with no prior felony history would, upon conviction for a Class C Felony under this title, normally expect a standard sentence range of 12 to 20 months in prison.

Manufacture of a substance in lieu of a controlled substance, in essence manufacturing counterfeit drugs, is also a Class C felony, with the same standard punishment as if the controlled substance were genuine.

Offenses Involving Minors
If the Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance (or Delivery, or Possession with Intent to Deliver) involves a person under the age of 18 as a recipient of the controlled substance(s), punishment is much more severe, often three or four times the normal sentence minimums.

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