DUI & Physical Control

If you have been arrested for DUI and are facing license suspension or criminal charges, call our office at (360) 659-4950 for a free, no-pressure case evaluation. We understand that facing a DUI charge can be a very stressful time, and are here to help you through it.

The lawyers at Ashbach Law Offices, LLC provide aggressive, strong defense for those charged with DUI and Physical Control offenses throughout Skagit, Snohomish, King and Whatcom Counties. Our goal is to aggressively protect you, your family and your interests from the prosecution, saving jail time, licenses, occupations and reputations. With offices in Marysville and Mill Creek, Washington, we are available to meet you discuss your case. We help good people in bad situations. Let us help you.

In General
DUI, Physical Control and Minor DUI charges are treated as extremely serious by State courts and prosecutors. In 2013 alone, over 32,000 such charges were filed in District and Municipal Courts. Additionally, DUI and Physical Control charges are filed in Superior Courts, either as Felony DUI allegations or as part of other Felony charges.

The impacts of a conviction are severe, and can include mandatory jail time, license suspension or revocation by Department of Licensing, employment ramifications, housing problems, ignition interlock requirements and social stigma, among many others. Learn more about possible DUI and Physical Control penalties here.

To protect our clients from these negative consequences, our attorneys fight hard to investigate, research, negotiate and defend each case to achieve the best result possible. With successful results including dismissals, reduction in charges, avoidance of prison time and “not guilty” verdicts, we stand ready to protect you, your license, and your freedom.

Facing a DUI charge can be a difficult, life-changing event. The stress and worry brought on by arrest, court dates, employment ramifications and possible jail, fines and license suspension/revocation can keep people awake at night. However, even if your alleged BAC or THC levels are above the legal limit, there is still hope for a successful resolution to your case.

Our lawyers have been successfully defending clients facing DUI allegations for over 45 combined years. Whether it’s by pretrial negotiations, suppression/dismissal motions or jury trial, we stand ready to protect you, your rights and your future. It is believed Bud has the fastest “not guilty” verdict for a DUI jury trial in Skagit County.

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Sample Result – “Not Guilty” verdict at jury trial

Minor DUI
Minor DUI is the operation of a motor vehicle, or Minor Physical Control, by a person under the age of 21 after having consumed alcohol and/or marijuana. Unlike a regular DUI or Physical Control charge, there is no “affected by” method of proving Minor DUI; the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or THC concentration levels are of utmost importance, and suppression is key.

Minor DUI (or Minor Operating After Consumption) charges can have very serious consequences. To improve your chances of a successful outcome, call us today at 360-659-4950 or 888-WA-LAW-NW. We aggressively defend our clients at pretrial, motions and trial to achieve great outcomes. Let us work to protect you. …more

Sample Result – Minor DUI reduced to Infraction

Physical Control
The charge of being in Physical Control while under the influence is termed a “lesser included offense” of Driving Under the Influence, but there is no difference in penalties upon conviction. Physical Control, like DUI, is typically charged as a Gross Misdemeanor, but in some instances can be charged as a Class C Felony. Often a prosecutor will charge both DUI and Physical Control where he or she may not be able to prove that any driving occurred.

Our lawyers give each case the individualized attention it needs and deserves. We have the experience, knowledge and track record to protect you, your liberty, your license and your record. Let us defend you. Call 360-659-4950 or 888-WA-LAW-NW for a free, no-pressure consultation. Let us help you. …more

Sample Result – Physical Control reduced to infraction

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