Probation Violations

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Probationary Terms and Requirements
In most instances where a person is convicted of a crime, the sentencing judge imposes jail time, but will suspend most or the entire sentence subject to “terms of probation.” These terms of probation typically require law-abiding behavior, such as no new criminal law violations, and often include affirmative obligations. These typically include some form of assessment (substance or anger issues) and treatment follow-up (if necessary), payment of fines, restitution and taking classes (such as a DUI Victim impact panel).

For DUI and Physical Control convictions, a person is typically ordered to a) not drive unless licensed and insured, b) not drive with a BAC level of above .02, and c) only drive vehicles with an operating ignition interlock device. Certain violations of DUI and Physical Control convictions require a sentencing judge to impose 30 days of jail as a sanction.

As part of most sentences, a court will impose a “probation monitoring fee.” In theory, the court uses this fee to regularly check up on a convicted person to make sure no probation violations have occurred.

Probation Review Hearings
If the court, or probation officer, believes that a person on probation has violated the terms and conditions of the sentence, the court will schedule a probation review hearing, often called a “Failure to Comply” Hearing (FTC hearing). At risk for the person on probation at the FTC hearing is the court imposing jail time as a sanction, or more treatment, among other penalties. At that hearing the court and probation officer address the alleged violation, and the attorney and defendant have the opportunity to respond, deny and/or explain the violation(s).

Examples of Commonly-Seen Alleged Probation Violations
That the person has:
• received new charges
• not served jail time or community service (often resulting in doubling of time)
• not attended treatment
• not attended classes
• missed probation appointments
• not paid fines and court costs

Allegations of probation violations may be incorrect, partial or explainable. Our office has the experience and track record to help you avoid a probation violation hearing in the first place, or address any alleged violations at hearing. Let us use our knowledge of the courts, judges, probation departments and the laws, to help put your best foot (and arguments) forward. If you are facing a probation violation hearing, contact our office immediately so we can begin preparing your case. Call us at 360-659-4950 or 888-WA-LAW-NW (888-925-2969). It is never too early to build a great defense.

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