Many legal problems do not fit a precise category such as “DUI and Physical Control” or “Driving and Vehicle Offenses.” This section of our website is designed to address commonly seen legal matters that are not easily categorized. Please contact us at 360-659-4950 or 888-WA-LAW-NW (888-925-2969) for more information.
Diversion is typically a contractual agreement between the prosecutor’s office, the defense attorney and the person facing a criminal allegation. In some instances, the probation department or court are also involved. The general premise is that if a person who could be charged, or is charged, with an allegation, complies with a set of conditions, that criminal allegation would be dismissed or not filed. Drug Courts fall under the general heading of “Diversion” as well. …more
DOL Hearings and Issues
Whatever the source (DUI allegation, unpaid infractions, too many infractions, child support, etc.), DOL often restricts or invalidates a person’s privilege to drive. Often these suspensions or revocations can be rescinded or challenged at a hearing. If you, or someone you know, is facing license suspension or revocation (or has a suspended or revoked license and wants to get it back), contact us today to see how we can help. Throughout the years, we’ve prided ourselves on the ability to help clients reinstate licenses – some of whom have not had a valid license for years. …more
Felony Expedited Offers
Instead of charging a more serious offense, prosecutors in many counties (like King County and Snohomish County) offer a person the opportunity to quickly plead guilty to a lesser misdemeanor crime. This may be a good idea. However, it is still advisable to consult with an attorney about such a case, as often there are legal weaknesses that may result in even lesser charges (or dismissal). In fact, the initial letter coming from the court and prosecutor instructs a person charged to consult with an attorney. Expedited offers are often seen for theft or drug offenses, but can come in all shapes and forms. Our office routinely represents persons with felony expedited offers and can help you make the right decision. Call us at 360-659-4950 or 888-WA-LAW-NW (888-925-2969) immediately, as these offers typically have short shelf lives. …more
Firearms Rights Restoration
There are many reasons why the State or Federal Government may restrict, or remove, a person’s ability to possess, own or control firearms. The most commonly seen reasons are convictions for felonies or domestic violence misdemeanors. People convicted of felonies as a minor, sometimes decades ago, are often surprised to learn their ability to purchase a firearm, obtain a hunting license or obtain a concealed weapons permit, are restricted. Assuming you are statutorily eligible, we can help you restore your important Second Amendment rights. …more
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Many people have the same questions. Please click here to see if any commonly asked questions and answers apply to your situation in general. Be aware that each case is unique, so while these answers are intended to be informational, you should contact an attorney for specific advice.
Probation Violations
If you have been convicted of a crime, whether it was in a District Court or Municipal Court, the chances are very high that the court has imposed a probationary period of one or two years (five is possible for DUIs and domestic violence offenses). If this is the case, typically the court will impose the maximum amount of jail time (364 days for a gross misdemeanor or 90 days for a simple misdemeanor) and the maximum fine allowed under the statute, but the court will suspend all or most of the jail time and fines subject to certain conditions, called “terms of probation.” If a person is alleged to have violated the terms of probation, the court and probation officer will schedule a hearing to determine if the violation occurred, and if so, what sanction (including jail) will be imposed.

With a strong track record of preparation and aggressive representation of clients in probation hearings to achieve great results, we stand ready to help protect you. Call us at 360-659-4950 or 888-WA-LAW-NW (888-925-2969) to see how we can help. …more
Traffic Infractions
Ashbach Law Offices, LLC, has a thriving traffic infractions practice, skilled at beating tickets, having them dismissed or reduced/amended to keep our clients’ driving records clean and insurance rates low. In some instances, we have been hired to save clients’ licenses, as one more “committed” finding would result in license revocation or suspension.

If you, or someone you know, has recently received a traffic infraction, call us at immediately at 360-659-4950 or 888-WA-LAW-NW (888-925-2969) to see how we can protect the driver’s license, record and insurance. The time to respond to a ticket is 15 days, so time is of the essence. …more
Vacating or Expunging Convictions
While ideally no conviction would have occurred in the first place, sometimes that is not possible. Even after a probationary period has ended, a conviction can have significant life impacts, which can include loss of rights as well as inability to secure certain types of employment. Our office helps good people clear their records and move on with their lives. If you are seeking to have a felony, gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor vacated (or expunged), contact us at 360-659-4950 or 888-WA-LAW-NW (888-925-2969) to see if you are eligible to have your conviction vacated, and if so, how we can help. …more