No Contact Order Allegation Dismissed – DV

Our client was accused of violation a Domestic Violence No Contact Order that had been issued as part of a conviction on an earlier case (we did not represent our client on that case). This new allegation triggered probation violation hearings in multiple courts as well. Our client was recommended to our office by several other attorneys due to our reputation for aggressiveness and success in difficult cases. Our client was facing many months in jail, on the new charge and on probation violations. This client previously had been convicted of violating the order (again, not represented by us on that matter) and had spent substantial time in jail.

Our office immediately got to work, contacting potential witnesses and investigating the location, timelines and background of all parties involved. In this case, the complaining alleged victim was entirely on board with the prosecution and wanted to see our client sent away for allegedly violating this no contact order.

This case ended up being dismissed the day before trial due to our hard work, investigation and trial preparation. Probation hearings for the earlier cases resulted in no sanctions whatsoever.

No contact orders violation accusations can be very difficult to defend, and in many instances are harder cases than an underlying assault allegation. Early preparation is key. Although we can begin representation of a case at any time, beginning investigation prior to prosecutorial ‘taint’ of witnesses is vastly preferred.

Our reputation as aggressive, effective attorneys precedes us, and is why many clients are referred to us by other attorneys for difficult or “hopeless” cases. Our track record at trial is excellent, and this respect in the legal community helps us achieve great results for clients when cases do not end up going to trial.

This Snohomish County case had repercussions for our client in Everett, Washington and Marysville, Washington. Dismissal allowed our client to keep his job, current relationship and freedom.

No Contact Order Violation Allegations – Serious Accusations Require Serious Defense

At our office, we have always focused on representing individuals, whether they are accused of criminal allegations or have in some way been wronged. Having never been in a prosecutor role, we do not have any biases or allegiances that could compromise your case. We are always about protecting you, the individual. This dedication motivates us to fight hard in every case for the best result possible; we will not simply ‘cut a deal’ with our prosecutor buddies to resolve cases quickly.

Our office has extensive experience representing domestic violence accusations. We take the time to get your side of the story, investigate the other sides of the story, and to understand your concerns and your background. While many allegations follow similar patterns, each case is unique and must be treated accordingly. While we have an impressive record of success taking cases involving domestic violence allegations to trial, we know that in many instances the stress and combative nature of trial is not conducive to families and relationships, so we work hard to achieve great results pre-trial.

No Contact Order violation cases often involve false accusations, misunderstandings, or minor incidents being blown out of proportion. Sometimes they are not. Regardless, a conviction for a No Contact Order violation can dramatically impact your life. Even false allegations can lead to serious penalties, including longer protection orders that can force you out of your home and keep you from your loved ones (including children).

We know how serious these accusations are taken by the government, and how serious the impact can be on your life, family, career, and freedom. Our office fights hard from the very beginning to restore families, save careers and reputations, and protect our clients’ freedoms.

If you, or someone you care about, is facing an accusation of violating a no contact order, it is never too early to begin building a strong, effective strategy to defend against the governmental forces. Let us help. Call today for a free, no pressure-consultation at 360.474.7872 or 1-888-WA-LAW-NW (1-888-925-2969) to learn how we can help. Alternatively, you can use the contact form found on every page of this website. Your communications are confidential.

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